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Group Discount

2 or more animals at one house/yard receive £5 discount per animal, per session

What is included?

Dynamic Assessment
Weight Shifting

1 Assessment

A full assessment of your animal will be carried out before providing any treatment, to assess their overall condition and create treatment goals. This includes a full case history, assessing your animal stood square, a dynamic assessment, a range of motion assessment of each joint, muscle palpation and a spinal and/or neurological assessment if applicable.

2 Treatment

A bespoke treatment plan will then be created from the assessment findings. Treatments may included, massage, stretching, electrotherapies, thermotherapy, remedial exercise and kineseology taping. See treatments provided below for more information.

3 Remedial Exercise

Individual remedial exercises will be prescribed to further benefit the patient, ranging from a few suggested exercises to a full rehabilitation plan. If applicable a session report and veterinary communication will also follow.

Treatments Provided

During a session, your animal will be provided with a range of scientifically evidenced techniques to most effectively suit their individual needs.



Massage will form the basis of all treatments. Benefits of massage include increased muscle extensibility, improved circulation and reduced pain, contributing to enhanced well being and performance.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed Electo Magnetic Field Therapy

PEMFT has a variety of settings and benefits, from pain relief, stimulating bone healing, increasing neural stimulation, increasing blood flow and reducing swelling.

Cold therapy

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy helps to reduce blood flow, inflammation, neural firing, muscle spasms and pain in the targeted area.

Equine forelimb protraction stretch


Stretching is used to increase flexibility, increase range of motion, enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Laser therapy

Laser Therapy

Depending on the settings, laser therapy can be utilised to aid with osteoarthritis, wound healing, pain relief and trigger points.

Long reining

Remedial Exercises

Incorporated into your animals treatment plan, remedial exercises are beneficial in improving joint range of motion, muscle strength, weight bearing, proprioception, balance and coordination.

Canine stifle joint mobilisation

Joint Mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is used to manually guide a joint through its available range of motion. Benefits include increased range of motion and enhanced joint health.

Heat therapy

Heat Therapy

The application of heat to an area, increases blood flow and tissue extensibility, whilst reduces muscle spasms and pain.

Kinesio tape of equine forelimb

Kineseology Taping

Anna has also completed an Equine RockTape course, enabling her to apply kinesio tape for a variety of conditions. Benefits include reduced pain and promotion of circulation, by providing musculature support without restricting movement.

Areas Covered

We offer a mobile service for Suffolk, Essex and the surrounding areas to include Sudbury, Hadleigh, Long Melford, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester and Stowmarket. Travel costs are included in the above prices, within a 20 mile radius. Clients outside of this radius will be charged an additional 50p per mile. Please contact us for more details.

Areas covered in Suffolk and Essex
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